Rijeka - Virtual Exhibition

The history and development of the Port of Rijeka can be observed through four flows, i.e. fluxes. That is how we can perceive the size and importance of the development of the port centre – its origin and progress. The four basic concepts (fluxes/flows of goods, technology, people and culture) give a clear picture of the development of the port, the industry and the city. The flow of goods, i.e. trade, is important for every port, including this one in Rijeka, because without it, the port itself would not have any purpose (What is a port without any cargo?). Technology-wise, it encompasses the modernization of the city port, the shipbuilding and the industry, because the size and importance of the Port of Rijeka derives precisely from the fact that it developed its full potential at a time of great modernization of shipping, maritime affairs and industry. Technology and trade cannot be discussed without mentioning the people who immigrate or emigrate in search of work, with a large number also settling in the city. Observing these four flows (fluxes), we ultimately reach culture as a kind of quintessence of people’s lives, the city, technology and trade.

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