Urban regeneration of the port heritage in the Adriatic Sea

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A 30 months
research project

TEMPUS is a 30 months research project (January 2019 - June 2021) co-funded by the European Commission within the Italy - Croatia INTERREG V A 2014-2020 Programme. Objective of the project is the urban regeneration of the port heritage in the Adriatic Sea area, that has recently undergone a disruptive process of evolution, which has at the same time separated cities from their ancient ports and caused misuse or dismission of spaces.

What is "Temporary Use"?

Temporary Use of public spaces or public heritage is a way to bring back to life the abandoned spaces of cities, enhancing the urban voids by giving them cultural, social, educational destinations and new roles of aggregation and participation. Temporary Uses are able to create a network between public and private institutions, associations, citizens in order to live again abandoned spaces and disused or neglected areas and use them as the trigger action for the creation of new cultural, economical and social values.